Hello, I’m Dug
the Garden Gnome

My Gnomish Mission

Hello! I’m Dug the Garden Gnome.

I come from a proud line of Gnomes that “do good” in the world. Gnomes are normally shy and reclusive, but I love surprises and using my green thumb to brighten someone’s day.

I love to use my skills to add a personal touch to local gardens. Humans often think of gnomes as mischievous tricksters, but our connection with nature leads us to act with kindness and care. Gnomes like me are empathic souls who want to celebrate generous humans or cheer up those who might be having a challenging time. Spreading a little unexpected sunshine upon humans with big hearts is my favorite pastime.

I am looking for more humans who might have been missed on my Do-good-o-metre and deserve a personalized garden transformation. If you know of such a person, please let me know!

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Gnome-tastically Yours,

Dug the Garden Gnome

The 5 W’s

The 5 W's

So you get to know me better


Who, What, Where, When, Why


Men, women or children of no particular age.


A gifted garden renewal, conceptually personalized to your friend or loved one.


Greater Vancouver (to begin with)


It’s a surprise! You’ll never know when or where, and it depends on how many chores I have.


Because it’s the kind of gnome I am. I love surprises and using my green thumb to brighten someone’s day.

Does this bring a human to mind? Then click below to gnominate someone!

Gnominate Someone

While I am always keeping an eye out for humans who might need a gnome’s touch
to brighten their day, I’m interested in your ideas. Lately I’ve discovered the human “Internet” (which is like the gnomish Earthenet that gnomes use to communicate worldwide
through the earth’s root system). It’s the perfect way for a shy gnome like me to connect with the most deserving humans.

Send me a gnomification if you know a spirited individual who is a volunteer, a teacher, or a generous, kind soul who gives back to the community regularly, or someone who is going through a challenging time and needs a gnome’s special touch in their lives. If you don't hear from me, I apologize, another special individual was selected for a surprise renovation.

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Forgive me if I don’t tell you the specific location of my tree, because I do prefer my peace and quiet.
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Get to Gnome Me

My name is Dug, and I am young gnome who recently left my parent’s home to explore the world.

Gnomes are creatures of nature. We embody the spirit of Earth. This connection allows us to move through the earth as easily as most humans move through the air. Gnomes are guardians of the earth, and the living things that grow within it, making us excellent gardeners and caretakers; we literally have green thumbs. Our connection to Mother Nature provides us with all that we need. The more we care for living things the more positive energy we have to share.

However, we are a reclusive race and we rarely interact with humans, so while you may appreciate our work, you likely have never seen one of us. We have the ability to disappear, move very quickly, and stand like a statue for a very, very long time, making us difficult to spot. While you won’t often see me around Vancouver, you may see traces of where I’ve been.

Little Gnome Facts about Dug


What is the first thing humans notice about you?

Humans don’t notice me unless I want them to.

What kind of gnome are you?

My mother was garden gnome and my father was a forest gnome. I am a garden gnome although I feel a strong connection to my forest roots.

How old are you?

I am a still a youngster at 101 years old. Gnomes live from 400 to 500 years.

How big are you?

It depends on the day or the size of the hole that I have to fit through; I have the ability to adapt as needed, although I am known as a tall gnome. Some of my gnomish friends have suggested I may have some human blood, but my mother fed me a lot of deer milk when I was young.

Where do you live?

I was born in the blue forest Northern Scandinavia. My great-grandgnome was a travelling gnome and I’ve inherited his love of roaming. Since I’ve left my parent’s tree, I’ve traveled through Europe and visited my distant cousins in Japan before setting up my own tree in the mountains overlooking Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean.

What language do you speak?

I speak English fluently, but usually I speak Gnim, the gnomish language to the animals, plants, and other gnomes.

Why are you so empathetic?

Gnome’s highly tuned senses not only allow us to see the rain before it starts, or smell what animals have crossed my path in the past 24 hours, but we can also feel the joy or sadness of the creatures around us.

What is your sign?

I am a Leaf, on the gnomish horoscope. That means I am friendly and adventurous, with a strong connection to growing plants and trees. I might not be quick to settle down, but once I do, I grow deep roots.

What do you eat?

Like all gnomes, I am a vegetarian so I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, unfertilized sparrow eggs, jam and bread, nuts and seeds. I have a weakness for hot, moist blueberry cake, but fresh picked mushrooms are my favorite!!!

What do you like to drink?

Mint and rose hip tea during the day, but at night, I like to sip on fermented raspberries or spiced gin.

What did you learn at school?

I was born with the innate ability to create gardens, but I learned 45 different skills over the 65 years that gnomes spend in school. My favorite trades are carpentry and glass blowing and I can build most things if I have the time to figure it out. All gnomes also study sorcery which helps us remain hidden from humans.

What do you do for work?

Most days, I perform my daily household chores and care for the forest and plants around my home. When I have free time, I like to work on my surprises.

Do you have any gnomelets?

Not yet! Like all gnomes, I left home at 100 to find the Gnome of my dreams with whom I will raise gnomelets. I am just 101, so while I am looking for my life partner, I want to spend a little time spreading a little sunshine through gardening before I settle down.

Do you keep any pets?

I always keep my pet mouse, Sebastian, close by.

What is your favorite colour?

Blue! Blue like the sky on a sunny summer day. Blue like the ocean. Blue like the rain feeding the earth. Blue like the blueberries in my favorite cake. Definitely blue, or green like my favorite trees, or red like my hat…

What are six things you could never do without?

  1. 1. My red hat because my special powers are locked inside.
  2. 2. My morning tea
  3. 3. My special spy glass for watching humans, so I can observe them clearly without being noticed
  4. 4. Riding on the back of my pet mouse Sebastian
  5. 5. Mushroom stew
  6. 6. The sun shining through the leaves of my treehouse

What do you do on a typical Friday night?

Sipping a spiced gin and planning my next garden surprise. Possibly for you…

What is one of your secrets?

Gnomes may be creatures of the earth, but I love the ocean. That is why I’ve settled in Vancouver for now because I can enjoy both the forest and the big, bright blue ocean.

Last gnome location

I like to stay hidden from human eyes, but I was making such a delicious root and mushroom stew in Stanley Park, that I was spotted.